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Marc Williams

Marc Williams, Salt Lake City, UT

My mother was a band director. When it came time for me to choose an instrument in the 5th grade I told her I either wanted to play the trombone or the drums. "You'll play the trombone!" she said. 40+ years later I'm still at it. So many of my closest friendships are with people that I got to know performing music. It has ultimately impacted nearly every aspect of my life. Everywhere we've lived I've been able to play trombone and sing. A good practice session or rehearsal energizes my mind and spirit. Performing is the best. A pure rush. I was never single minded enough to make a career as a professional musician, but I've never stopped trying to improve. It's the best hobby there is.

This is a picture from my daughter Alyson's graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Alyson plays French Horn. Next to me is my mother. She was a band director (possibly the first woman band director in the State of Wisconsin). It's been my pleasure to play in musical organizations with both of my daughters, my wife (on the right) and my mother. It's been one of the great joys of my life to be able to share music with my family.

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