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Sarah Rushing

Sarah Rushing, Denham Springs, LA

The start of my musical studies were completely against my will. My mother is a piano teacher, and she was determined to make her children pianists as well. As the last child, I was her final hope. After years of hating many teachers, I finally started to like piano once I started winning competitions. After my first competition win, I really started to get serious with piano. The same year, my grades skyrocketed. I do not believe this to be any kind of coincidence. Music education really does supplement your school work in ways unlike any other extracurricular activity. Now, I am a valedictorian at my high school and will be enrolled in the Honors College at Louisiana State University next year.

Music has transformed me as a person in countless ways. It has helped to shape the way I live and think. There is not a second in the day where I am not thinking of a Beethoven sonata, Mozart concerto, or Haydn symphony. Music consumes me, and my personality and beliefs would be drastically different if I were not a musician. If for some reason this were to happen, I would probably want to be a geographer. As strange as it sounds, I have a large fascination with geography. I also like astronomy. I find both of these subjects to be quite interesting. Perhaps I would become an astronaut one day? Music makes up for this, though. Even if I never leave this world on an astronomical mission, music transports me into a very special and unique realm every time I play.

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