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William Ligon, Phoenix, AZ
Chopin Concerto Op11, No1, 2nd Mvt ROMANCE (for solo piano)
The first time I heard this music I was driving in my car, and had to pull off the road to listen to it. The next day I purchased the score, concerto or no I was just going to read through the score. I found that the orchestra had very little to do beyond a beautiful introduction and various connecting phrases, which I could play solo on the piano. The music grabbed me and would not let go, I had to play it no matter what. It was like an addiction. I had to walk around it's musical note-forest to see what makes this music tick, in a vain attempt to find out why the music is so compelling and satisfying and so beautiful.
The climatic ending of the main theme is followed by twinkling stars, and they are followed by beautiful shooting stars playing and dancing. In this section, which I call the Recitativo (or Post Coitum Tryst), the liberties I take are natural given there is no orchestra. I'll ask forgiveness later. The music leaves us with overwhelming peace and serenity.
I've been taking piano lessons all my life. I have a digital piano with headphones, so I can practice at night without disturbing family members. I am 67 years old and retired. In my youth I never had formal piano lessons, and I currently take piano lessons. I'm also finally taking a music theory course. There are many adult piano seminars in Europe and in the US that I attend as often as I can. It is really nice to share the love of music with other adult pianists.
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Jeremie Michael, Irvine, KY
Polonaise in A Flat Major, Opus 53
I selected the "Heroic" Polonaise for a few reasons, mainly because it is arguably one of the more popular works of Chopin and a personal favorite.
I am currently a music major at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. My goal is to eventually teach at a conservatory or university, and possibly delve into music publishing.

Noah Strom, Minneapolis, MN
Nocturne in E flat Major by Chopin
I recorded this last winter at a studio in Minneapolis. It is my first attempt at recording Chopin. I selected this work because I believe it expresses the emotionality of Chopin.
I am a performer with the Dakota Valley Symphony, choir accompanist at Eden Prairie Presbyterian Church, Organist at the Liberal Catholic Church of St. Francis, a drummer in several local bands, accordionist and concertinist for various occasions, and I enjoy listening to classical public radio and attending classical music or organ concerts in the Twin Cities. I have never attended school for music but have made it a large part of my life. My musical goals are to continue to perform on as many instruments with as many groups as possible but especially to fine-tune my piano or other keyboard instrument performances. For me, music is the best tonic for a soul that desires calm.

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