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For more than 22 years, we at Performance Today have highlighted the finest classical performers and musicians in recorded live concerts for our broadcasts. Last spring we turned the spotlight on our listeners with My Performance Today. Our very first "My PT" featured undiscovered and amateur musicians on the PT Web site and some were even used on our broadcasts.

The compositions of Frédéric Chopin are among the most universally performed and beloved—by both concert artists and amateurs—in all of classical music. This year, share your own Chopin performance throughout the month of March as part of My Performance Today. Record yourself, your friends and family, or your group's version of a copyright-free or public-domain Chopin piece. Then share your audio or video with Performance Today for others to see and hear.

Choose a work, cover your bases

  • Make sure you're dealing with copyright free or public domain work
  • Get written permission if you're not
  • If you're uploading a recital or group performance, get written permission from all involved, including the musicians, to record and publicly display the performance
  • Upload the digital audio file or video to the Internet
    You can host the file on one of these sites:

  • The Public Radio group on Gather.com http://publicradio.gather.com
  • YouTube http://www.youtube.com
  • MySpace http://www.myspace.com
  • Other options include hosting the file on your own personal/group Web site or another hosting service. Wherever you host the file, be sure to send us the permalink or direct link to the performance you're submitting.

    Tell us where to find it
    Contact us using the My Performance Today form. Tell us a little bit about yourself and share the link to your performance.

    Good luck!

    Where will my performance appear?
    That depends on where you decide to post your performance. You choose where the file will be hosted. It can be published on Gather.com or the hosting site of your choice, as long as it complies with the respective site's terms of use. You should be able to embed the file on your site or send it to friends.

    What will you do with the link to my performance?
    As part of the project, Performance Today plans to post a list of links to featured performances on our Web site. We're not required to include any of the submitted links.

    How long can my recording be hosted?
    That's up to you and the hosting site. We haven't made any decisions about how long we'll post the collection of links to the featured performances.

    Are there any technical requirements?
    Most importantly, please make sure your link works, and that the audio or video file is clear and fully working. Also, keep in mind that a hosting site may have technology limits. For example, Gather.com's file upload limit is 100 mb, so if your audio or video file is bigger than that, you'll have to select a portion of the work or otherwise compress the audio.

    Are there other requirements?
    Each hosting site has its own requirements concerning rights and other legal matters. The performance files that you post will need to comply with the terms of use for the site.

    I have many recorded versions; can I send you links to multiple performances?
    Not this time around. We're looking for your one, all-time favorite Chopin performance.

    Can I send my song through e-mail or snail mail?
    Sorry, no. The only way to share your entry is by sending us the direct link to your work as posted on the web. We're using Gather and other sites to host the audio/video, and to allow interaction and sharing (embedding) of your song.

    I'm having technical trouble. Who should I contact?
    Use Performance Today's Web form to contact us, or ask for help in our technical discussion. We can help you or direct you to the correct person who can assist you.

    Other questions?
    All other questions should be submitted through the Performance Today contact form. We'll update this FAQ with additional information based on any questions we receive.

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