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Past features from Performance Today. Find more performances on our Young Artists in Residence page.

Wendy Warner and Irina Nuzova In studio with Wendy Warner and Irina Nuzova
American cellist Wendy Warner and Russian pianist Irina Nuzova are a study in contrasts, but they share one important interest: Russian music for cello and piano. More >>

Alessio Bax In Studio with Alessio Bax
Pianist Alessio Bax joins host Fred Child in the studio to perform music by Brahms and Rachmaninoff and talk about what it's like to share an apartment with his toughest, kindest critic. More >>

Timothy Kantor Young Artist in Residence: Timothy Kantor
Free MP3 downloads, video and interviews with the talented violinist Timothy Kantor. More >>

Stile Antico In studio with Stile Antico
Listen to the young British ensemble sing music from the 1500s. More >>

The Calidore Quartet Young Artist in Residence: The Calidore String Quartet
Free MP3 downloads, video and interviews with the exciting young ensemble The Calidore String Quartet. More >>

Anderson & Roe In Studio with Anderson & Roe
What has two heads, four arms, twenty fingers and more than four million hits on YouTube? The Anderson & Roe piano duo. They host Fred Child in the studio to play old (Mozart) and new (Michael Jackson) classics and talk about their signature music videos, now online sensations. More >>

Xiang Yu Young Artist in Residence: Xiang Yu
Free MP3 downloads, video and interviews with talented violinist Xian Yu. More >>

Easter lily Music and Poetry for Holy Week
In 1785 Josef Haydn wrote music for a Good Friday service to be interspersed with readings of what the Bible says were the seven last words spoken by Christ on the cross. In 2005, poet Michael Dennis Browne wrote his own texts to accompany Haydn's music. Browne reads his poems in the PT studio. More >>

Robert Plano and Fred Child Onstage with Roberto Plano
Pianist Roberto Plano talks with Fred about the discoveries of his recent musical sleuthing. More >>

Marie-Claire Alain Remembering Marie-Claire Alain
Marie-Claire Alain was the first French female organist to record the collected works of J.S. Bach. She also championed the music of her brother who died in World War II. Michael Barone talks with Fred Child about her legacy. More >>

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