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Past features from Performance Today. Find more performances on our Young Artists in Residence page.

Trombonists perform on Aspen Mountain PT in Residence at the Aspen Music Festival: Day 3
Come experience Aspen's Music on the Mountain, and go paragliding with Fred for a bird's-eye view of the stunning scenery of Aspen, Colo. More >>

Fred Child at St. Benedict's Monastery PT in Residence at the Aspen Music Festival: Day 2
Come see our photos of the St. Benedict's Monastery, the Snowmass Rodeo, and more. Plus, join Fred on a video tour of St. Benedict's Monastery in Snowmass, Colo. More >>

Cello student in front of Scanlon Hall PT in Residence at the Aspen Music Festival: Day 1
Come see our exclusive photos, and take a video tour of the Aspen Percussion studio with percussionist Jonathan Haas. More >>

Libbey Bowl The 2014 Ojai Music Festival
The 2014 Ojai Music Festival took place Thursday, June 12 through Sunday, June 15. This year, the California-based festival offered live and archival HD video streaming of all concert performances. More >>

Anderson & Roe In studio with Anderson & Roe Piano Duo
Pianists and best friends Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe once again dazzle with four-hand piano arrangements of music by Mozart and Stravinsky. Click to listen to their conversation and watch the video of their performance. More >>

Savannah Music and Magnolias: The 2014 Savannah Music Festival
This spring, Fred Child traveled to Savannah, Ga. for the annual Savannah Music Festival. More >>

Boson Mo Young Artist in Residence: Boson Mo
Listen to in-studio interviews with host Fred Child and exclusive musical performances by violinist Boson Mo and pianist Andrew Staupe. More >>

Louis Lortie In studio with pianist Louis Lortie
French-Canadian pianist Louis Lortie joins host Fred Child to talk about coaxing nuance out of a percussive instrument, and to perform music by Wagner. More >>

Robyn Bollinger Young Artist in Residence: Robyn Bollinger
Free music downloads, interviews, and video of Robyn Bollinger and Dina Vainshtein. More >>

Kenji Bunch Composer Kenji Bunch
Fred Child talks with Bunch about his quintet "New Moon and Morning" and its musical mirroring of a phase of the moon. More >>

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