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Transformations™: Harp that Heals and Comforts

The Reverie Harp is a light-weight, egg-shaped stringed box designed to be both a musical instrument and therapy tool. On Performance Today we examine the symbolism of a harp in life and death and the power music can have to ease suffering. Our series observes a music therapist as she helps a stroke patient use the harp to regain the use of her left arm and a hospice patient who uses the harp to find joy and solace in the time she has remaining.

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- Peter Roberts
- The Hospice Society of America
- Center for Thanatology Reseach & Education
- American Music Therapy Association
- To find out more about the Reverie Harp, visit Musicmaker's Kits, Inc or call 1-800-432-5487.

Thank You
Colleen died on March 29, 2010 after we reported this story. PT thanks her family and nurses for sharing her story with us.

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