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Paying Tribute to Bill Holm

Bill Holm was a poet and essayist who lived in China, Iceland and traveled all over the world. Still, he always returned to his hometown of Minneota, Minnesota, a small town that loomed large in his imagination. Bill Holm died on Feb. 25th, 2009 at the age of 65 after a long and distinguished career, writing over a dozen books.

Holm believed deeply in the wisdom music has to offer. He once wrote, "Maybe Americans should make it our national habit to begin every day with a half-hour of Bach. It couldn't hurt us in either our private or public lives."

On Tuesday, April 14th Performance Today's Fred Child will host an evening of stories and songs from artists who were friends with, or inspired by Holm in some way. Poets Robert Bly and Jim Harrison will share memories of Bill, and there will be renditions of some of his favorite music, from Scott Joplin to his beloved Bach.

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