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Behind the Curtain with the Beaux Arts Trio

It's dedication to an ideal that has propelled the Beaux Arts Trio (pronounced Bohz Ahr) for the past 53 years. Pianist Menahem Pressler has been at the epicenter of this group since the beginning. Cellists, violinists, students and audiences have come and gone, but the steady hand on the tiller has been Mr. Pressler's. He's 84 now, with the energy of a coiled snake, he darts here and there, teaching, performing, adjudicating...making a life in music. April 2008 had him and his two trio mates, violinist Daniel Hope and cellist Antonio Meneses doing 18 dates in 20 days, their final tour of the U.S. Our Performance Today team sent off a portable recorder to Mr. Hope who has captured the essence of their whirlwind final tour in a series of audio "blogs" and interviews backstage. There will be concerts in Europe in September 2008 as well. They wrapped things up stateside at Tanglewood, August 20th and 21st, the place where it all started. Please enjoy these moments "behind the curtain."

The Final Concert

On August 21, 2008 the Beaux Arts Trio said farewell in an unforgettable last American concert at Tanglewood in Massachussetts. Throughout their final tour, the trio has embraced technology, from sending audio blogs from each city to allowing Fred Child to host an exclusive live webcast of the concert. Now the Beaux Arts Trio have graciously given Performance Today permission to share with listeners that moving last concert as a free download.

Program for the Beaux Arts Trio's final American performance (pdf file)

The Tour

Daniel Hope's audio blog:
April 4, Boston
April 6, New York
April 8, Philadelphia
April 11, Toronto
April 15, Vancouver
April 20, San Francisco
On the road: Driving in San Francisco

Concert audio:
Schubert Piano Trio in B-flat Major, rec. in Boston on April 4.
Vancouver: Onstage Speech by Philip Harrison

Beaux Arts Trio on Saint Paul Sunday

Concert Download

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Download the historic concert (right click and save)
Beaux Arts Trio Part 1
Beaux Arts Trio Part 2

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Menahem Pressler
Courtesy Indiana University

Daniel Hope
by Marco Borgreve

Antonio Meneses
by Marco Borgreve
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