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Addio and bravo!

Legendary opera star Luciano Pavarotti died Sept. 6 at the age of 71 at his home in Modena, Italy, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Performance Today takes a look at the life, career and magnificent voice of a man regarded as the greatest tenor of his generation. In addition to some of his most inspiring arias, we'll listen to Pavarotti himself recounting many of the most important moments in his life and talking about his legacy. He was a man whose powerful voice and sunny personality brought the music of the opera house to the world.

Evans Mirageas on Pavarotti: The artistic director of the Cincinnati Opera (and former Decca Records executive) had a long professional and personal relationship with Pavarotti. He talks about his experiences with the legendary tenor.

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Most important quality of an opera legend? A sense of humor.

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The importance of diction
In addition to awe-inspiring power, Pavarotti also had exceptional diction. Here's what blogger OperaChic had to say about it.

"Tell me what you heard
when Pavarotti sang."

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